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Do you ever wonder what it takes to explore new territory? Do you want to lead the next generation of UX pioneers? If so, join us at You in UX Summit this May to gain invaluable career insight with some of the best UX mentors around the world.
Angela of Yeh IDeology will be speaking at You in UX Summit on May 7th at 3pm PST. You in UX is an online, global summit with an extensive three-week lineup that includes speakers from top UX executives, CEOs and presidents from companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, BlackBerry, SlideShare and more. You in UX grants you global access to more than 30 customizable sessions. This is your opportunity to ask questions for world-class UX role models and mentors.

For the program lineup, please view the link here.

Be inspired and cultivate your talent.
Join us at You in UX.


Tagged: Career Development, Conferences, Networking, Yeh Blog

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