I Gave Years To My Family… Now it’s My Turn!

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“The truth is I’m ready. I’ve been a giver and I’ve given time to my husband and my kids.

I’ve moved where he needed to move to build his career, I’ve supported him and been his coach, and then I had my kids and I’ve been there for them to help them grow. And my career was growing, I tasted it, I had it in my hands. And then Sean got that opportunity and I knew we had to go. I knew I had to give up my dream just for a little while for us to help him build his.

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Don’t get me wrong, I loved and still do love every single minute of what I did in the past few years and I loved what I gave to help them be where they are now. But it’s time.

It’s time for me to take care of me. But it’s hard and I don’t know how.

I’m a stay at home mum and I want to get back out there! I want to work again, whether as a consultant or on a team I don’t care. I love my husband and my kids - I love being their rock. And I wanted to stay at home with my kids until they went to school but now they’re growing up, it’s been over 10 years since I stopped working and I’m stuck. I’ve been stuck...

And I have a lot of mom friends that are all shells of themselves. They’re all former vps, former consultants, former top specialists. They are all ok just waiting for the kids and their husbands to come home. And that’s ok for them, I love that for them. But that’s not for me.

It’s time to figure this out and be brutally honest with myself, I don’t want to waste time. There are great things in me, great gifts but now they’re just dormant. I can’t get out of this house. Where do I even begin?

I’ve been thinking about what I’ve done and where I’ve been career wise.

I’ve been looking, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I’ve been reading and researching. I’ve done workshops, an adult camp. I’ve been working with a renown life coach for years and it’s been amazing what clarity I’ve gained but I’m done there. I’ve learned all that I can from him. He called to meet me one more time and when we spoke he knew it too. He knew that I had finished my work with him.

I’ve talked to friends and old colleagues. And I’ve been talking to people who’ve worked with me and all the places I’ve worked. And it’s amazing and validating the conversations. Some of my friends are even offering me projects. I could even start today. And I know I could do the work and pick up some of this and probably catch up somewhat where I left off. But I keep wondering is this it? Is this all there is? I mean, I’m looking back and I’m only going back to where I’ve been. Am I cutting myself short? I keep wondering what else is out there. I don’t know what else I should be doing.

I think about what I used to do and how I loved it. I wonder about going back to business development and wondering if I could do it again but even that world is changing. But I mean I was good at it. I also wonder if I could design again but then I’d have to figure out what kind of design. I can see there’s so many types now. I don’t even know what’s hot and trending. Or heck I tell my husband I could even start my own company but what if I’m not cut out for that and that’s a big investment.

I know there’s something more for me, something different. I just have no idea what to look at, I have no idea how to find it.”

  • Martina, TX

If you’ve followed our content you’ll see that Martina has a classic case of being rootbound. This is a common situation among people we meet who are 10, 20, even 30 years into their career. No matter the amount of self work she’s done she’s only looking at the jobs she’s previously had and the places she’s been. Her history is pulling her back.

She’s already got offers to get back into her previous role and she’ll probably do well there to some degree. The question here is - Is that all there is? What else is out there that could be amazing for her?

Talent has entered a new age. We don’t have to pick just one career at 21 years of age and stay on that one path forever. We now can migrate to ANY possible direction. But therein lies the challenge. Where do you go next? Therein lies the paradox of choice. Even with all the self work you can do, all the mindset work and all the networking you can do. How can you see the future?

Now for parents that want to get back into the workforce there’s the added challenge of having been out of the job market for too long. Talk about inertia and having been out of the workforce for a while. Jumping back into the workforce can feel like watching a racing train zip by and figuring how to jump on. There’s the gap in your resume you have to explain. But even before explaining it, how and where do you get back in it?

What if we told you we have a methodology to show you ALL possible futures.

When we began our program we didn’t realize that this is what we would be helping people do! We’re helping people unearth all possible pathways and teaching them to distinguish opportunities from dead-end paths. Not only recognizing it but creating opportunity where there was none and then winning it. It’s pretty freaking amazing where we’re taking people!

Finding your next career path is a job in itself, especially if you’ve spent years away from the industry and your skills are laying dormant. Even for those who stay in the industry for 10+ years, if they don’t keep applying their talents and creating space to grow, that promotion or increase in salary won’t happen.

If you’ve been trying different things and you’ve realized you’re rootbound, and no matter what you’ve done you can’t move the needle on the gauge, but most of all, you really do want to get back in the game and you’re ready to do what it takes to get there then reach out to us. I would love to help you unlock your potential.

Committed to your success,


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