You’ve Already Hit The Top Of Your Game - But What If There’s More?!


 We’re sooo excited because we’re now helping people, not just solve problems in their career, but reach their highest potential than they’ve ever imagined they could.

Here’s one of our newest members of our Thrive By Design Career Program.

I have been working for a leading lifestyle brand 8 years after college. I first started as an assistant product designer and then grew to become the Design Director for the second highest selling department in the organization. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful to be leading an amazing team (of 7 designers) and traveling around the world visiting factories + attending design fairs. I’m powerful here, I’m impacting and influencing every aspect of the corporation and the other divisions are listening to me. It’s amazing how they listen to my every word.

However, I sometimes hate myself for dumping so much garbage into the landfill… I don’t want to do the same things over and over again. I think that I have amazing skills and that I could generate a greater impact in the industry if I were higher up in the company or if I was running my own consultancy. How do I express wanting to migrate within the organization to my superior (General Design Director)? How do I even start that conversation? And I’m being lured back to the same old same old from recruiters that are presenting higher loftier positions but they are in this same industry and it’s just much more of the same. I’d be earning more money but I’m afraid I won’t be learning anything different and doing the same things all over again.

What should my personal deadline be in order to A) migrate within the company or B) build my own consultancy? I’m ready to do more. I’m ready to achieve my next highest goal. But I’ve been wanting this for the last year or so (and probably more) and I haven’t done a thing. I know generally what I need to do but I’m not doing it. I get into this in fits and starts. Can’t stand that I look back and see myself so stuck in this “I’m so busy” complacency. I’ve been trying to figure out my next move and for whatever reason, I’m not. I know I’m capable of more. I know I’ve got so much more in me. There are some phenomenal goals that plague me when I sleep and every time someone compliments me on my position. My goals haunt me and ask me not to forget them. I know I’m capable of building them but somehow I’m not. And no one else sees it.

And everyone and my parents are saying, “Don’t let go of a sure bet. Don’t rock the the boat. Don’t jump ship and lose a good thing. Are you ready to do that again? You have a paycheck and health insurance, why would you sacrifice that?” But I want more. Am I crazy for wanting something so different it scares me? Should I stay put and do the same old? It’s time to make those dreams a reality. But with everyone in my ear I know I can’t do this by myself… I don’t want to hold myself back anymore.

This Thrive member has been excelling in his company exponentially but has now reached a point where what he’s doing doesn’t excite him any longer. There’s a pattern we’ve noticed with executive talent who’ve had a fruitful, rewarding career path. They reach the top and then don’t know where to go next. As if the top is so steep and narrow, they hold on precariously and they are afraid to let go.

They think that they’ve done all they could and that this is it. But that’s far from the truth.

People are often afraid that after being at a company for this long they won’t be good enough elsewhere. This fear stalls them to the point where they lose time, they lose their drive and they lose what made them so singular in the first place. And then they find themselves scrambling to find their next role.

What happens if a year from now you are at the same place?

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I get it. At this point in your career you’re not that young designer with nothing to lose. Do you have time to just pick a door in the hall of mirrors to jump through it and invest a couple of years to build it, only to find that it was the wrong choice and then have to spend years testing out yet another path not knowing if it’s right either?

Right now you need certainty and clarity. There’s not as much time left in the game of life to dawdle and be uncertain about your next move.

We can help you. Over our 20 years of career coaching we’ve helped so many realize and reach goals they had initially forsaken. What if I told you we could help you find that next sweet spot, that next place where you’re completely in the state of flow and you’re not just in a job mentally checked but where you are loving and breathing your next challenge and the world respects you for it so they compensate you for it?

That’s what you want right? Ok. But there’s a few things that qualify you for this. You need to be ready to go all in.

Don’t come to us if you’re open to getting just any job and or just satisfied with keeping your design skills as a hobby. Some people really just want to wallow and do nothing about it. If being a creative and using the arsenal of skills you’ve amassed over your career is what you want to do one, two or even three more times in your career AND you want to be valued and well compensated for it, then we can talk.

We help designers become design professionals. We’ve catapulted and extended career paths that were on the downturn. We’ve made miracles happen. But this doesn’t happen unless you’re ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

People define themselves by their profession more than anything else in their lives. It’s the strongest element that defines them. Your career isn’t just what pays the rent and puts food on the table. If you do it right it’s what you thrive on. When you’re at your best, you shine and you stand tall and you’re elated and people feel it and see it. Developing and maintaining a consistently successful career doesn’t happen accidentally or overnight. It takes commitment. It takes investment of time and money. If you’re not successful now and you want to become successful, it takes deliberate action and often takes introspection, planning and execution.

I see too many seasoned talented professionals give up too prematurely and it’s heartbreaking. I would not want to see you do that.

Take the leap. Schedule a call with me today. Don’t let fear get in the way of making massive shifts in your career. Take a hold and own your future the way you’ve always wanted to. You know you have more in you - let’s see you thrive!

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